Saturday, December 16, 2006

Who’s the Grinchiest?

Loyal readers of this blog will jump to the conclusion that The Grinch = Chuck Eddy. You can’t get much Grinchier than trying to condemn people’s property during the holidays. But then along comes Councilman Terry Riley. He’s got the condemnation ordinance in committee and as chairman he promises it will come at the top of the agenda, there will be no 60-second time limit on testimony, and there will be a vote at the end. He can do whatever he wants, he said, and that is exactly what he did. When fellow committee member Becky Nace questioned his authority, he said “You just won’t be acknowledged”. Inside sources tell us Mr. Riley has little respect for women. Or for the truth, it seems: The ordinance came last on the agenda, the 60-second time limit was strictly enforced, and instead of taking a vote, he decided to put together an ad-hoc committee to study the matter further.

Still no joy in Whoville.

But the Grinchiest of the Grinches at City Hall has to be none other than Mr. Alvin Brooks himself. Councilman Brooks is being billed as our next Mayor. Everybody likes Alvin and apparently he can do no wrong. So, why is he King of the Grinches? Well, Councilman Eddy can’t back down on the condemnation issue. He needs that land for his legacy of eight years at City Hall: The Chuck Eddy Memorial Bridge. There’s not much else to hang his hat on, I’m afraid. Mr. Brooks could come down from the mountain top to be the savior of south Kansas City. Instead, he just sits up there, looking down upon us while his underlings run amok.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Two Thumbs Up

Wednesday in the Operations Committee Becky Nace bucked the good ol' boy system and sided with neighborhoods. Insiders say she is now suffering for this with name calling and assertions that she stepped out of bounds. Neighborhoods believe, unlike other council members, she actually knows her place. The definition of at-large is to represent the whole. That's exactly what Becky did Wednesday. She looked beyond her district and spoke up for other constituents she was also elected to represent. While Councilman Eddy grudgingly supported her motion, it is our understanding that he is one of those most upset with Ms. Nace. It would appear that he is the one who doesn't understand who he is supposed to represent. Just as his district was opposed to Richards-Gebaur, they are opposed to Bridgezilla over the Blue River; yet, he continues to pursue it any way he can, even if that means being less than truthful. The mayoral primaries are still a ways off, but these two candidates appear to be following very divergent paths. For my money, the one that follows the interests/needs of neighborhoods is a much longer one.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Graf Ann Corruption?

Kansas City Confidential post leads to official’s resignation.

The official story might be different from that, but in just about the amount of time it would take for our earlier post to filter into the traditional media, Chuck Eddy’s appointee to the Public Improvements Advisory Committee, Mike Graf, was quietly replaced with Ann O’Hare.

Though apparently just as much an Eddy lackey as Graf, Ms. O’Hare’s oh so polite demeanor contrasts with that of the gruff Mr. Graf. At a public meeting where a 6th district resident was voicing concerns about an infrastructure project, Graf walked out of the room bellowing “I don't have to listen to you!” Actually, listening is kind of his job description. Or was. What goes around, comes around, Mike.

Meanwhile, Alvin Brooks’ appointee to the PIAC, Lou Austin, is a prominent figure on the east side of the 6th. But look him up in the phone book and he doesn’t appear to live in-district either!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It’s a “concern” alright

Getting around the campaign finance laws isn’t so hard. The contributors just give to a political action committee and then the PAC gives to a candidate. The Jackson County Taxpayers Association is hot on the trail of some mysterious contributions to State Representative Cathy Jolly. From their press release:

“Jackson County Taxpayers Association files Ethics Commission Complaint against PAC making contributions to Cathy Jolly and Jay Nixon.

Bob Gough of the Jackson County Taxpayers Association filed an Ethics Commission complaint against the PAC Public Safety Concern for its Financial Disclosure report dated 5/4/06.

This PAC contributed funds to Cathy Jolly and Jay Nixon but failed to disclose the source of the funds.

Voters are entitled to know the source of funds given to candidates seeking public office. The report fails to reveal the source of funds given to Cathy Jolly and Nixon for Governor. The report only discloses that the funds came from an ambiguous PAC (Public Safety Concern) operating out of a PO Box. The voters deserve better and the law requires better disclosure.”

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who does Mike Graf think he’s fooling?

District Representatives on the Public Improvements
Advisory Committee (PIAC) are required to live in the
district they represent, yet 6th district
representative Mike Graf lives in the 4th district. On
official documents, he gives his old 6th district
address, but his new 4th district phone number,
showing a clear intent to deceive.

Moreover, he sits on the Steering Committee of the
Hickman Mills Area Plan. Hickman Mills is on the
opposite side of south K.C. from Graf’s Ward Parkway area
home. What’s someone from Ward Parkway doing deciding the fate of people in Hickman Mills?

It’s not the first time this has happened: 3rd
District Councilwoman Saundra McFadden-Weaver
appointed an out-of-district resident to represent the
3rd on the PIAC. When confronted with that fact,
McFadden-Weaver claimed ignorance and the unlawful
representative resigned.

6th District Councilman Chuck Eddy, the man Graf has to thank for his job, may have to follow the McFadden-Weaver script.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Chuck Eddy's campaign literature says he "was elected to office to represent Kansas City's 6th District." Why is it then, he has shown a complete disregard for those who elected him? Why does he steam roll through projects that his constituents oppose? His stand on Red Bridge Road is very reminiscent of his stand on Richards-Gebaur. In fact, there are a growing number of people who believe the two are connected. If that's the case, then certainly Chuck would feel the need to appease the moneyed interests and completely disregard his public.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

History vs Progress (?)

The original Stroud's, dating from 1933, has been demolished in favor of a new bridge and wider road. Sounds familiar in Eddy-land. While the 'historic' Red Bridge bridge will not be demolished, it will be sidelined in favor of, you guessed it, a new bridge and wider road. It's interesting that Chuck Eddy pushed for the 'Grandview Triangle' to be renamed '3 Trails Crossing' because of the trails' historical significance; yet, actual historic physical structures seem to have no meaning to him.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Harry Ingels, Sixth District Councilman

Chuck Eddy's done it again. A retired vice cop out by 150 and Horridge Road has just learned the Lee's Summit School District is going to take his land for a bus turn around. He's beside himself, as any of us would be; so he did what any good citizen should do, or at least be able to do. He called his elected city representative. His mistake was in calling Chuck Eddy because the response he received was a typical, "Call Harry". As I get older, my memory tends to not serve me as well as it once did, but I sure don't remember electing Harry Ingels.

Friday, June 09, 2006

East Hickman Mills Area Plan

Give Chuck Eddy a point. The City is drawing up new area plans and Hickman Mills is the first. But wait. The proposed plan area only takes in the eastern half of Hickman Mills. The residents asked for the plan to be inclusive of the entire area and the consultants agree with the feasibility. Chuck even told a group of residents that enlarging the area shouldn't be a problem. Why then is Tom Coyle, Director of City Plan and Development Department, dragging his feet? Could it be that, in reality, Chuck doesn't want a discussion of land usage along Red Bridge Road? Could he have his own plans for that area and doesn't want to share with the neighbors? Maybe we need to take that point back and give Chuck another strike instead.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fairfield Wants to be Mayor, Part II

The Councilman lists maintaining parks as one of his priorities should he be elected mayor. Apparently, he doesn’t mean ALL parks. He is quite content to allow a 1,200-foot-long freeway-style bridge to be built in Minor Park at the site of the historic Santa Fe Trail crossing.

He wrote in a letter to one of the many persons opposing the bridge: “I believe I understand the concerns of those who oppose this project”, but then goes on to say: “We must look to the judgement of the 2 District Council persons on District projects.”

The bottom line is that he understands why the community doesn’t want this bridge, but the 6th district is not his particular fiefdom, so he can’t interfere. Never mind that both 6th district councilmen (Brooks and Eddy) are ignoring those who elected them.

For Councilman Fairfield, it’s simply politics as usual. I don’t think that’s the progressive attitude Kansas City needs in its next mayor.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Fairfield Wants to be Mayor

At his announcement for Mayor, Councilman Fairfield cited several examples of progress that 'make this an exciting time to live in Kansas City.' Interestingly, these included initiatives in Midtown, Downtown, and the Northland. No citations for the Southland. Hmmm. Could that be because Councilman Eddy can't close a deal? Despite a state TIF for the Bannister Mall area, Bass Pro opted to open in Independence. Despite a long-running city TIF, Quintiles opted to move to Johnson County. Councilman Fairfield must not think the gun shows and boxing matches held at the 3 Trails Expo Center are progress. Although, a spray pool opened last Friday. It was supposed to have been an acquatic center, but Councilman Eddy seems to be proud of this accomplishment.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Karen Uhlenhuth's article in the Star on Red Bridge Road edited down to City propaganda.


The City has been full-steam-ahead on the road project from day one...

...but they have to pretend like they are listening to us and then taking our comments into consideration when making a decision -- Especially because MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) is watching them.

So, when they "make their decision", they send out this press release.

And the K.C. Star swallows it, hook line and sinker.

The real story was that the City was submitting their application to MODOT. The content of the press release was a smokescreen, a non-event. The real purpose and intended effect of such a press release (and of its echo-article in the Star) is to discourage residents in the Red Bridge area who have been opposed to the "Bridge-Zilla" project.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Mayor and Chucky, her attack Puppy

Her Kayness and fellow corporate shill Chuck Eddy have shamelessly attacked the City's auditor Mark Funkhouser for meeting with Stan Glazer to discuss the City's financial situation. Their intent was to damage Funkhouser's sterling reputation during the run up to his performance review. It totally backfired, though. Even the Star is saying they went too far.

Eddy even suggested firing Funkhouser over this. Kay and Chuck can't handle the truth about all the debt that's being run up for their pet projects like the Sprint arena and Red Bridge Road. So, they want to fire the man who's telling the truth about the risks involved.