Thursday, July 20, 2006

It’s a “concern” alright

Getting around the campaign finance laws isn’t so hard. The contributors just give to a political action committee and then the PAC gives to a candidate. The Jackson County Taxpayers Association is hot on the trail of some mysterious contributions to State Representative Cathy Jolly. From their press release:

“Jackson County Taxpayers Association files Ethics Commission Complaint against PAC making contributions to Cathy Jolly and Jay Nixon.

Bob Gough of the Jackson County Taxpayers Association filed an Ethics Commission complaint against the PAC Public Safety Concern for its Financial Disclosure report dated 5/4/06.

This PAC contributed funds to Cathy Jolly and Jay Nixon but failed to disclose the source of the funds.

Voters are entitled to know the source of funds given to candidates seeking public office. The report fails to reveal the source of funds given to Cathy Jolly and Nixon for Governor. The report only discloses that the funds came from an ambiguous PAC (Public Safety Concern) operating out of a PO Box. The voters deserve better and the law requires better disclosure.”


Anonymous said...

There's shady dealings everywhere. Follow the money. If you can.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't KC Confidential digging into this Solomon guy's finances? $360 of campaign money for a private school fundraiser in Overland Park? I don't even live in the 4th district but this guy's expenditure report scares the hell out of me. A "campaign worker" making three grand a month. An out of state consulting firm. All for an in-district campaign that's still seven months away?

Fearless Leader said...

Public Safety Concern has reared its ugly head in the 2007 mayoral primary campaign with an attack mailing on candidate Mark Funkhouser. [More...]