Monday, May 29, 2006

Fairfield Wants to be Mayor

At his announcement for Mayor, Councilman Fairfield cited several examples of progress that 'make this an exciting time to live in Kansas City.' Interestingly, these included initiatives in Midtown, Downtown, and the Northland. No citations for the Southland. Hmmm. Could that be because Councilman Eddy can't close a deal? Despite a state TIF for the Bannister Mall area, Bass Pro opted to open in Independence. Despite a long-running city TIF, Quintiles opted to move to Johnson County. Councilman Fairfield must not think the gun shows and boxing matches held at the 3 Trails Expo Center are progress. Although, a spray pool opened last Friday. It was supposed to have been an acquatic center, but Councilman Eddy seems to be proud of this accomplishment.


BlogKC said...

Great to find your blog. Welcome to the local blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

What are you guys griping about down south I heard that you all have music on fridays FREE compliments of "The Ranch" After the roadway gets put in your going to have a truck stop with "over the road" trucker music. We got nothing but the Beaumont in Midtown.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that music can be heard ALL over. So much for the noise ordinance.

irssec said...

He's a Northland person and I
think he's an intelligent hones guy...He's got my vote.
fairfield for Mayor sounds good.