Friday, June 09, 2006

East Hickman Mills Area Plan

Give Chuck Eddy a point. The City is drawing up new area plans and Hickman Mills is the first. But wait. The proposed plan area only takes in the eastern half of Hickman Mills. The residents asked for the plan to be inclusive of the entire area and the consultants agree with the feasibility. Chuck even told a group of residents that enlarging the area shouldn't be a problem. Why then is Tom Coyle, Director of City Plan and Development Department, dragging his feet? Could it be that, in reality, Chuck doesn't want a discussion of land usage along Red Bridge Road? Could he have his own plans for that area and doesn't want to share with the neighbors? Maybe we need to take that point back and give Chuck another strike instead.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Chuck Eddy appears to be dividing the community by not including all of it in the area plan. There was a time when he told some folks not to divide the community over the issue of Red Bridge Road. It must depend on which side of the issue you're on as to whether it's okay to divide a community or not.