Thursday, July 27, 2006

Graf Ann Corruption?

Kansas City Confidential post leads to official’s resignation.

The official story might be different from that, but in just about the amount of time it would take for our earlier post to filter into the traditional media, Chuck Eddy’s appointee to the Public Improvements Advisory Committee, Mike Graf, was quietly replaced with Ann O’Hare.

Though apparently just as much an Eddy lackey as Graf, Ms. O’Hare’s oh so polite demeanor contrasts with that of the gruff Mr. Graf. At a public meeting where a 6th district resident was voicing concerns about an infrastructure project, Graf walked out of the room bellowing “I don't have to listen to you!” Actually, listening is kind of his job description. Or was. What goes around, comes around, Mike.

Meanwhile, Alvin Brooks’ appointee to the PIAC, Lou Austin, is a prominent figure on the east side of the 6th. But look him up in the phone book and he doesn’t appear to live in-district either!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Graf moved out of the district over a year and a half ago. Who just realized where he's living, Eddy or Graf?

Anonymous said...

If anyone happens to look at the disclosure form Graf had to fill out, it shows his old address along with the phone number of his current address. That sounds like fraud to me.

Anonymous said...

You mean both city sixth district city councilmen appointed PIAC representatives that don't live in their district? With all the infrastructure needs out south why can't we at least have somebody who represents this area? We don't need someone more concerned with Ward Parkway and midtown.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there rules about that?

Anonymous said...

I hear Eddy moved Graf to the City Plan Commission to represent the sixth district. That seems like it would be hard to do when that's not where he lives.

Anonymous said...

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