Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fairfield Wants to be Mayor, Part II

The Councilman lists maintaining parks as one of his priorities should he be elected mayor. Apparently, he doesn’t mean ALL parks. He is quite content to allow a 1,200-foot-long freeway-style bridge to be built in Minor Park at the site of the historic Santa Fe Trail crossing.

He wrote in a letter to one of the many persons opposing the bridge: “I believe I understand the concerns of those who oppose this project”, but then goes on to say: “We must look to the judgement of the 2 District Council persons on District projects.”

The bottom line is that he understands why the community doesn’t want this bridge, but the 6th district is not his particular fiefdom, so he can’t interfere. Never mind that both 6th district councilmen (Brooks and Eddy) are ignoring those who elected them.

For Councilman Fairfield, it’s simply politics as usual. I don’t think that’s the progressive attitude Kansas City needs in its next mayor.


bridget said...

I am suprised that any current council member would respond to a citizen complaint regarding another council member. That thin respect will soon disappear when the Mayor's race heats up. Look for Fairfield to extend a sympathetic hand to the 6th district residents during his many campaign stops. Councilman Eddy has had a bumpy go from the start and it looks as if it will get bumpier in his quest for the brass ring.
He really screwed up with the airport in his district, unfailing support for the current administration's greed to create a "legacy" (gee, thanks and it's swell of you Kay to saddle us with all this debt. Sure we will remember you, as will our grandkids.) and turning his back on the residents of his district in regard to this vile roadway.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Eddy has never understood that representative government means representing those who elected him, not those who will contribute to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, KC government is structured so that council members are in fact mini-mayors of their districts. Even at that, council members and the mayor are WEAK and one council member cannot do much on their own. KC has a terrible form of governemnt, but since KC fears change, it is what KC will always have.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with the above blogger. Each councilperson wields a great deal of power if no other councilperson will vote against him/her. The Red Bridge project is a perfect example. Everyone from the City Manager to public works to MoDOT has said Chuck Eddy is responsible for the project moving forward. He's even been referred to as the Pope, as in 'the Pope has spoken'. Chuck Eddy was able to move $1.5M in PIAC funds to this project because no one would vote against him. Those funds could be used for necessary infrastructure upkeep, yet they will now be spent on a bridge that isn't needed. All so Chuck Eddy can have a testament to his name.

Anonymous said...

With a dress and a flower on his breast and you will not be able to tell the difference between him and what we got now.