Monday, May 29, 2006

Fairfield Wants to be Mayor

At his announcement for Mayor, Councilman Fairfield cited several examples of progress that 'make this an exciting time to live in Kansas City.' Interestingly, these included initiatives in Midtown, Downtown, and the Northland. No citations for the Southland. Hmmm. Could that be because Councilman Eddy can't close a deal? Despite a state TIF for the Bannister Mall area, Bass Pro opted to open in Independence. Despite a long-running city TIF, Quintiles opted to move to Johnson County. Councilman Fairfield must not think the gun shows and boxing matches held at the 3 Trails Expo Center are progress. Although, a spray pool opened last Friday. It was supposed to have been an acquatic center, but Councilman Eddy seems to be proud of this accomplishment.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Karen Uhlenhuth's article in the Star on Red Bridge Road edited down to City propaganda.


The City has been full-steam-ahead on the road project from day one...

...but they have to pretend like they are listening to us and then taking our comments into consideration when making a decision -- Especially because MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) is watching them.

So, when they "make their decision", they send out this press release.

And the K.C. Star swallows it, hook line and sinker.

The real story was that the City was submitting their application to MODOT. The content of the press release was a smokescreen, a non-event. The real purpose and intended effect of such a press release (and of its echo-article in the Star) is to discourage residents in the Red Bridge area who have been opposed to the "Bridge-Zilla" project.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Mayor and Chucky, her attack Puppy

Her Kayness and fellow corporate shill Chuck Eddy have shamelessly attacked the City's auditor Mark Funkhouser for meeting with Stan Glazer to discuss the City's financial situation. Their intent was to damage Funkhouser's sterling reputation during the run up to his performance review. It totally backfired, though. Even the Star is saying they went too far.

Eddy even suggested firing Funkhouser over this. Kay and Chuck can't handle the truth about all the debt that's being run up for their pet projects like the Sprint arena and Red Bridge Road. So, they want to fire the man who's telling the truth about the risks involved.