Friday, November 17, 2006

Two Thumbs Up

Wednesday in the Operations Committee Becky Nace bucked the good ol' boy system and sided with neighborhoods. Insiders say she is now suffering for this with name calling and assertions that she stepped out of bounds. Neighborhoods believe, unlike other council members, she actually knows her place. The definition of at-large is to represent the whole. That's exactly what Becky did Wednesday. She looked beyond her district and spoke up for other constituents she was also elected to represent. While Councilman Eddy grudgingly supported her motion, it is our understanding that he is one of those most upset with Ms. Nace. It would appear that he is the one who doesn't understand who he is supposed to represent. Just as his district was opposed to Richards-Gebaur, they are opposed to Bridgezilla over the Blue River; yet, he continues to pursue it any way he can, even if that means being less than truthful. The mayoral primaries are still a ways off, but these two candidates appear to be following very divergent paths. For my money, the one that follows the interests/needs of neighborhoods is a much longer one.