Thursday, July 13, 2006

Who does Mike Graf think he’s fooling?

District Representatives on the Public Improvements
Advisory Committee (PIAC) are required to live in the
district they represent, yet 6th district
representative Mike Graf lives in the 4th district. On
official documents, he gives his old 6th district
address, but his new 4th district phone number,
showing a clear intent to deceive.

Moreover, he sits on the Steering Committee of the
Hickman Mills Area Plan. Hickman Mills is on the
opposite side of south K.C. from Graf’s Ward Parkway area
home. What’s someone from Ward Parkway doing deciding the fate of people in Hickman Mills?

It’s not the first time this has happened: 3rd
District Councilwoman Saundra McFadden-Weaver
appointed an out-of-district resident to represent the
3rd on the PIAC. When confronted with that fact,
McFadden-Weaver claimed ignorance and the unlawful
representative resigned.

6th District Councilman Chuck Eddy, the man Graf has to thank for his job, may have to follow the McFadden-Weaver script.


Anonymous said...

There has always been a suspicion that there is more to the Red Bridge project than just needing a new bridge. With his defensive attitude, Mike Graf confirms that every time the subject comes up. It seems that Chuck feels the means justify the ends.

trAcy said...

mcfadden-weaver's house in lee's summit is on the auction block/forclosure (see daily record july 13, 2006). this is the woman who also "lives" in the third district and touts the fact.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Mike Graf lives in Ward Parkway and is still sitting on the PIAC committee. Does he vote in the best interest of the sixth district or his own?

Anonymous said...

McFadden weaver can't lie her way out of this one.And look at the clothes she wore to the trial. She should repent trying to use the cloak of the Lord to hide her evil doings.