Friday, February 23, 2007

Grass Roots v. Astroturf

Chuck Eddy's plan to ram through a massive road project in south Kansas City has drawn an intense level of grassroots opposition. Councilman Eddy said "If you don't like it, don't vote for me" and has rebuffed his constituents' attempts to discuss the matter further.

Now, the Kansas City Star has reported that his plan to convert Red Bridge Road into a possible collector ramp for the NAFTA super-highway is "on the ropes."

So, for the first time in his 8-year tenure on the City council, Dr. Eddy has become interested in democracy. A couple dozen of his supporters have arisen to push the project (known as "Bridge-Zilla" among some opponents). They deny any connection to Chuck Eddy, though some of them have been seen at the councilman's mayoral campaign functions.

Now, a political action committee, Citizens for 3-Trails, is joining the fight by distributing information in support of Bridge-Zilla. But wait! Who are these people? Readers of this blog will notice that Chuck Eddy's crony is treasurer. Have a look at their Ethics Commission reports and don't be surprised who they are giving money to: That's right folks, Chuck Eddy for mayor!


Anonymous said...

I think I saw Mike Graf in Chuck Eddy's TV ad. Talk about a good ol' boy system.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Eddy must be really scared. Today's paper talks about a negative ad Eddy's campaign sent out attacking Nace and Klein. Now he's having one of his flunky's send out a letter trying to drum up support.

Anonymous said...

I love Kraske's poll. The only person he has Eddy beating is the guy that isn't running.