Monday, March 26, 2007

Dirty Little Campaigns

Not to be trite, but the election is upon us and the sixth district is at a crossroads. We can elect establishment candidates or we can elect fresh faces with fresh ideas. It has been 8 years since City Hall has cared about neighborhoods, and it has been 8 years since the sixth district has had anyone that cared about them, period.

At least 3 candidates, Alvin Brooks, Beth Gottstein, and John Sharp, opted to hire Pat Gray to run their campaigns. Pat Gray is about as establishment as you can get and the campaigns he runs can best be compared to those of Jeff Roe. As a result, all 3 candidates mailed out false and misleading ads that arrived in the mail Friday and Saturday. It’s a shame that Brooks, Gottstein, and Sharp felt the need to resort to negative campaigning.

If they don’t feel they can win the election on their own merits without tearing down their opponents, why should we have enough faith to elect them as our representatives? If they think we will see their opponents as the better candidates then maybe they are. Mark Funkhouser, Doug Gamble, and Darrell Curls, their opponents, would all represent us with integrity and do their best to support our neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Talk about establishment. For all his campagin rhetoric, Henry Klein is as much so as you can get. He lost the primary, Alvin promised him a position in his education group, and Henry's right there signing up with Mr. Establishment Himself. So much for Mr. Klein not wanting politics as usual.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear Alvin's making all kinds of promises. He promised Terry Riley a long time ago that Riley could be mayor pro tem. Why wouldn't everybody get on the Alvin train?

Anonymous said...

Doesnt Gray have Jolly, too.

natasha said...

Yes, that's true. Sad to say for Kansas City and the sixth district, there is not really any other choice.