Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things Change but Stay the Same

Lost returned to television tonight. From a write-up in the paper, all the cast is full of hope for the coming season. In an interesting dichotomy, many in the sixth district are feeling lost and without hope. A lot of promises were made by city council candidates last spring and there was a feeling that we would finally have representation at city hall. The reality is, things couldn’t be farther from the truth.
An email to Cathy Jolly’s office elicits a message that she doesn’t have access to her email. WHAT? She’s been there nine months and can’t access her email? One of her platforms was accessibility, but we’re not sure she understands what that means. She doesn’t answer emails, she doesn’t attend meetings, or else shows up late and leaves early; whatever it takes so she doesn’t have one on one time with her constituents. City hall insiders say she’s never at city hall. It’s hard to understand how she can represent anyone when she never has contact with them to know what they want.
While everyone is rightly attacking Jolly for her absences, John Sharp’s record isn’t much better. He was seemingly everywhere before he was elected, making promises to just about everyone. Now he seems to be incommunicado. Not only did he not show up for his regular Second Friday meeting this month, but he didn’t even care enough about his constituents to send his aide to represent him.
Not long after he was elected he was collecting email addresses so he could keep south Kansas Citians informed about what was happening at city hall and in the community. If anyone’s received one, I’d like to hear about it. He also said he would reinstitute quarterly meetings. Hhmmmm. He didn’t actually say WHEN he would do that.
Of course, he got a lot of face time on television as he was promoting his Bannister Mall Plan. You know the plan to build a Wizards stadium on the old Bannister Mall site. Under that same plan, the old Wal-Mart area will become office buildings. Apparently, a lot of fill will be needed for that because they’re going to close the unique and historic Benjamin Ranch in order to use the dirt for fill. You never hear Mr. Sharp mentioning that.
Apparently he's not good at multi-tasking because he doesn’t seem to be doing much besides promoting the Wizards deal. He made several promises during his campaign, but now has seemingly turned his back on a lot of people.
Many in the sixth district couldn’t wait for the end of the Chuck and Alvin era. The problem is, it’s still with us.


Anonymous said...

Cathy's just a goody two shoes and John only cares about what makes him look good.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think "Valley Girl" when Cathy speaks. It makes it hard to take her seriously... and with smoking legislation right out of the gate??? Of all the things important to south KC, where did that topic rank? She's following the politically correct crowd. Never mind her district's needs.

John Sharp is a panderer. Has he been a career politician his whole life? How can he justify a 900+ TIF giveaway to yet another developer?

I have never seen things more discouraging in our district and in KC at large.

Anonymous said...

John Sharp can justify anything if he thinks it will make him look good. Right now he sees himself as the Savior of South Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

You guys are SCREWED!!!

Brent said...

Squeak Jolly represents what we will have forevermore in KC politics...Pandering,Lib,non-White males or activist type females of all kinds.....Good help us....

Crucis said...

John Sharp is too busy campaigning against "hate". He blames those nasty right-wing, "hate" radio shows for e-mail comments made by black, leftist reporter Eric L. Wesson from the KC Call.

Did the KC Star ever identify who actually made those anti-semitic remarks? Not that I know of. John Sharp obviously didn't since his aim was off 180 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal for a city councilperson to grant tax credits and in return they get a big campaign contribution?